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Robert C


It has been some time since I left a review for but I can tell you I haven't stopped since I have received my first massage from Paige the relief I get from My monthly service is not only worth the money spent but it is truly priceless. My quality of life has improved and as a bonus feel less stressed. Below I pasted my last review so everyone can see how It all started. I can tell you 5 stars is just not enough 10 would be way more accurate.

Just received the best message ever.I was lucky to get the appointment today because originally Paige was book but was highly recommend so wanted to wait for her to be available and to my surprise she had a client cancel so she contacted me to see if I still had time today! I've had many messages over the years and can say this is the truly the best, simply told her what was going on with me and she worked her magic. I've had back and neck pain from a skateboarding accident from when I was a kid so this is just something that is a must for me. I'll never use anyone else from here on out in fact already book another one for Monday!


Ryan S
 have been going to Paige for several years. I have never bought a discounted service through her, because her prices are so ridiculously cheap I have never had the desire to buy a groupon or amazon deal. I will first begin to say she has done wonders to my lower back pain. I have been dealing with lower chronic back pain, which is very bad in my line of work. I have been in the military most of my life, and have had to deal with pain, that has not only affected my work but has really affected my mental outlook. Not only does she give amazing massages, but she makes me feel like I am someone very important. She is truly one of a kind. I believe she will go far with her work. I am blessed to have found her and I encourage so many of my friends and co workers to see her. Paige Palmer does not just give a massage she does way more than that. She calls it a mind body connection, true healing comes from your mental outlook, if you truly accept her massages and I pray into it, I get the healing. I have also been so encouraged by her. Been to many places and have never felt true healing.... People who hopefully take the time to see my review or have seen her on any other site, Please give this girl a chance, she is worth it. If I never found her I don't know where I would be. God has put her in my life so I can experience true healing.

Yucaipa Reviewer

Mike M

Every message left for her was returned in a timely manner on the same day.  The massage was very good.  A definite reccomend!

Best Massage

Janet J

Last week I bought a 90 min groupon appointment with Paige, and boy am I glad I did. She has an amazing touch. Not only was her massage outstanding, the best I have ever received but her nature was so pleasant. I was able to buy the groupon and get the appointment the same day. She was very pleasant over the phone. I came 20 minuets early and was surprised that her receptionist made sure I was very comfortable offering me coffee and something to eat while I waited. The atmosphere in her new location was so nice. Had soft music and everyone that worked there was very friendly. I was melted when I left my massage. I have been to hundreds of massage places not one of them I enjoyed but this girl really has the gift. She is so friendly that I instantly felt I could confide in her. I work for the chamber of commerce and I have given everyone I work with her business card.  I have read so many reviews on here and am really at a loss of words. I don't believe for a second that the girl I had such a wonderful massage would ever be capable of treating people in that manner. I have never personally like yelp because I feel that it's one persons word and half of what people say are typically not true. I have to say though her groupon deal is  selling like crazy and if you have to wait, it's worth every penny. I am defiantly going back and in fact have already scheduled sessions with her. She also is very understanding with the economy and how some people can't afford it. I was pleasantly surprised when when she said she would work with me over the price. She valued me as a customer that she would figure something out. That right there is good service. There are not many places anymore like her. I have been a business owner myself for 20 years and have seen a lot of business that are struggling and I surprised and being only 25 years old that she can manage this. She is way ahead of most people and for that it makes her exceptional. I can't wait to see her next week.

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